Application eTrack System

This program will allow us to strengthen our partnership and create greater synergies across our web platforms. Many of you have websites that provide useful product and services information to your prospective clients. Among these sites, some of you also provide information on financing options. The eTrack application program is designed to help you capture critical information on these clients that are searching for financing options. If the potential client has to leave your site to go search for lender websites that provide financing, there is a chance that the client may never get back to your site. This program will not only ensure that you get the client’s data while they are on your site, but it will also drive the information to me so that I can pre-qualify the customer for you.
The eTrack application program will provide you with a link that you can embed in your website anywhere that you provide information regarding financing. The link that you are provided is unique to your business so you receive an instant email notification once a client has clicked on the link and completed an application. This will ensure that you not only capture the web traffic, but you also know who has applied for financing. This could work very well for any online advertising you may do, such as Craigslist. We’ll be doing the work for you, so you won’t have to sift through a multitude of unqualified candidates to find one who is qualified. We will both have instant communication when a customer has filled out the application, so you can get priority service with your pre-qualifications. The unique link provided for you will portal the customer directly to the online application on your Loan Officers website.
Contact your Loan Officer for more information. Start using your Application eTrack System today to get more control of your web traffic!
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